MAGA views thrive with subtle twists in language.

It is not a matter of saying or not saying that the election was stolen. What is at issue is using the claim of a stolen election as a means to fuel the actions that jeopardize life, violate the law and directly attack the institutions of Democracy upon which America depends for it's existence.


One or two individuals claiming that an election was improper, stolen or flawed is not the same thing as using claims of a stolen election to inflame anger and promote violent action against the institutions of Government.


People saying that an election was not fair, is not the same as engaging in a concerted effort involving over one hundred senior politicians, the countries' number one cable broadcaster and many dozens of well funded well organized social media accounts, including foreign controlled accounts, to propagate a single message of ‘the election was stolen’, and then encourage people to take action to correct that wrong.


So no, saying that the election was stolen still falls under the protection of one or another Constitutional freedom. Saying that the election was stolen and then working to use that as a means to undermine our Democracy is not.