Ron DeSantis public relations stunt for the Presidency, spending 13 million Florida tax dollars to send asylum seekers to Martha's Vineyard.

The asylum seekers were approached as they crossed the street to go to a McDonald's. Many had gotten their first taste of the United States while staying at a shelter in San Antonio, Texas. An unidentified man and woman walked up to them and offered what sounded too good to be true: well-paying jobs, free housing, and transportation. And as an added incentive, the asylum seekers were handed $50 gift cards.

The offer was, in fact, too good to be true because by day's end, they all were flown to Martha's Vineyard, an island off the Massachusetts' coast unfamiliar to them. They were abandoned there with no jobs as promised, no housing as promised, and no explanation for why this had happened to them.

This Ron DeSantis Florida Governor high visibility public relations stunt for the Presidency and his MAGA minded followers amusement spent 13 million Florida tax dollars to surreptitiously assemble, intentionally misinform and intentionally transport said asylum seekers to a place other than where they were told that they would be going.

You prove to the world how stupid you are by doing stupid things and then proceeding to brag to the world about how smart you are.

As a result of the Ron DeSantis 13 million dollar public relations stunt, the asylum seekers are spending their days in Martha's Vineyard for the time being. The residents of Martha's Vineyard are making sure that the people that were sent there receive the care and treatment that a human being in these circumstances should be afforded.

It is too early to say much about what the future holds for people involved in this theatrical escapade. But contrary to  claims being fed to the MAGA people thru echo chamber social media accounts hosted by MAGA politicians seeking to cash in, the asylum/immigration seekers are fine. And posssably better off where they are now than they would have been had they remained in Texas.

Watch the video because it provides some heavy weight hints on the various responses to the DeSantis stunt that can be expected going into the future.