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North Carolina 9th District

Republican campaigns paid for absentee ballots.

Republican campaign paid for the execution of a coordinated, unlawful absentee ballot scheme in North Carolina 9th District election.

Lisa Britt, a worker for political operative McCrae Dowless, said during the North Carolina board of elections hearing Monday that Dowless instructed his employees to fill out illegally collected absentee ballots with votes for the Republican candidates.

The hearing is to investigate alleged election fraud in North Carolina's 9th district.

Britt said that most of the ballots had the congressional race and sheriff's race filled out, as those were the major elections that topped the ballots. She said that Dowless' cohort would fill in the empty votes for more minor, down-ballot races.

"Basically what we would do -- what I would do -- is to submit the vote for whoever was the Republican," Britt testified.

Dowless had tried to get Britt to plead the Fifth.

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