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Im sure its just me.


If you've ever hit the clear web from the dark web in a foreign country you get to see what 'censorship looks like to network uers in those places... type this search string in your brower address bar text box (or cut and paste) and press enter.





If your browser displays something like this picture, you may be witnessing the United States Government blocking your web access to information on the web/www specifically about the Syrian City of Raqqua.


or...if not the're fucking with Just me... email your comments to:  ami0@getroot.us

Donald Trump will likely be being investigated for crimes Against humanity for the ordering of the Saturation Bombing of the City of Raqqua,  where 200,000 people (population of Nagasaki, Japan in 1945) mostly Sunni Muslems lived under the rule of ISIL. See City of Ghosts (2017 film)


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